Partner Network

Every second, new discoveries are being made that have the potential to revolutionize entire industries. We are fully aware that no single company can claim to possess all the knowledge on a given issue anymore.

Moreover, innovation thrives due to research collaboration: between subject matter experts and academics as well as students. Over the past decades, we have built a global network of strong research and development partners that include business partners, research institutes and universities. Because only together can we meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Laboratory employee in white coat.


The collaboration with universities is also generating a win-win situation. Particularly considering the education and training of the 'next generation', our subject matter experts give lectures and lessons. Through this close contact to different university institutions, we are able to identify new research subjects and to stay up to date. The goal is to transfer progressive developments from theory into practice and cooperating closely with the regional economy at the same time.

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Industry-lead Research

We are dedicated to put as much know-how and expertise into our products and services as possible and constantly broaden our business to provide great versatility. This can be achieved when collaborating with reputable research institutes.

An active and open dialogue plays an essential role in order to maintain several efficient partnerships. Always on the look-out for new, innovative solutions and areas of application, we teamed up with the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) or the European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG).

Photo of a group of business people standing in a circle at a conference, talking and networking.

Business Partner

During a partnership, we all share the same goal which encourages us, our customers and our business partners to work as a team and achieve the best possible solutions – together. For this purpose we work closely on a daily basis, conduct research and share our expertise and results. A partnership can bring many benefits – for each of the parties.