Hermann Rosen-218x162

Founder, CEO and President
of the ROSEN Group

Hermann Rosen holds a degree in electronics and control technique. Immediately after finishing his studies, he started an engineering and consultancy firm for electric design and home automation in Lingen, Germany, next to his family home.
After several years of running the engineering and consultancy firm he identified growing market needs for instrumented tools to ensure the integrity of oil and gas pipelines. In 1981 he founded Rosen Engineering GmbH in Germany, today known as the ROSEN Group.
At the beginning of 1990 the company started to operate worldwide and established operational subsidiaries in the USA, Malaysia and the Netherlands to be closer to the market, driven always by high-end technology and a can-do mentality for best customer solutions.

In 2000 the company established the ROSEN headquarters for the multinational ROSEN Group. Within the first decade of the new millennium, the company became technology and market leader for inline pipeline inspection.