ROSEN is significantly investing to further refine its products and services and develop groundbreaking new technologies and products.

Research and development (R&D) is fundamental to ROSEN’s continued success. Expenditures on R&D are about twice as high as competitors are, and has remained at a high level for many years. More than 330 engineers and scientists are employed by the Group worldwide. These professionals focus on developing solutions that help decreasing operating costs, increasing production efficiency, lower the environmental impact of production and, of course, improve the performance of products. In short, ROSEN helps customers to add value and to gain competitive advantage.
Technology & Research Centers
ROSEN has established technology & research centers in Europe, the USA, Saudi Arabia and South America. Our biggest center in Lingen, Germany, employs more than 700 people, nearly one-third of the ROSEN Group workforce. It is an advanced technology environment designed to stimulate communication and teamwork, creativity and innovation.

Half of the people in Lingen work at the Innovation Center and the remainder in process engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing and logistics – the ROSEN “Factory”.