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We are empowered by technology at ROSEN. Technology is the engine for our innovation, for the solutions that we create and the value we provide our customers.

ROSEN would not exist if it were not for technology and innovation – together they form the cornerstones of our business. Investment in research and development is investment in our organic growth, our competitiveness and the sustainability of our business. Moreover, it is investment in our customers. Technology and innovation is a business process at ROSEN. It is not something we leave to chance.

Our Technological Core Competencies

ROSEN has five major technological core competencies and is always on the way to extend the technology portfolio to deliver innovative products and services also in the future. Our technology core competencies are:

Measurement Technologies
Accurate inspection data is a vital element of every asset integrity process. We have decades of experience and have inspected billions of square meters with ultrasound, eddy current, magnetic flux leakage, optical, acoustical and our exclusive EMAT inspection technology.

Data Processing Technologies
Data Processing includes technologies to ensure the correct and efficiently acquisition, transfer, processing, storage and visualization of data and information during the complete integrity process chain. This includes for example the design of electronic components, complex algorithms, and software solutions for our application software.

Motion Technologies
The generation of methods and tools for transport, storage, housing and movement of solid bodies and objects is the main focus within the field of Motion technologies. This includes the design of challenging housing concepts as well as transport devices. Furthermore, drive technologies for active devices as machines and robotic solutions are provided.

Energy Supply Technologies
Energy Supply provides technologies for conversion, storage and transfer of energy and power supply. This includes batteries systems, power supply architectures as well as energy saving solution and energy harvesting concepts.

Materials Technologies
Materials includes a range of technologies regarding functional materials and systems. Understanding and tailoring of material properties and especially the properties of combined materials in terms of challenging environmental conditions is one focus in this field. Furthermore, functional materials are addressed to provide novel active solutions in complex systems. For example, the development of intelligent plastic solution are generated for different application.