Full coverage, high sensitivity

Image Full coverage, high sensitivity

ROSEN offers an automated scan system for reliably detecting and sizing corrosion under pipe supports, including pitting. Corrosion under pipe supports services leverage EMAT technology, which is capable of rapidly scanning, detecting and sizing anomalies on inner and outer surfaces of a pipeline, especially at pipe-to-support interfaces. Other applications include corrosion scanning of coated piping, tank shell scanning, and inspection of elevated pipes and pipe racks or at interfaces like soil or concrete.

CIRC and AXUS are ROSEN EMAT inspection tools that are free-running and therefore fast and easy to use. The acquisition and control software makes it possible to quickly scan several portions of a pipeline to detect and report threatening wall losses. Moreover, it can be used on rough surfaces and pipes that are positioned in close proximity to each other.

Reports are automatically generated by the software, providing a comprehensive overview of the inspected objects and detected features. Feature properties like position and width are reported, accompanied by digital photographs of the inspected object.

EMAT technology you can rely on

Image EMAT technology you can rely on

EMAT offers substantial benefts over traditional ultrasonic technology as EMAT technology induces a sound wave inside the object without the need for a coupling medium or extensive surface preparation.

Key Features:

  • Inspection of non-accessible areas
  • In-service inspection method
  • High sensitivity to small defects, both internal and external
  • Fast scanning and assessment
  • Automatic sizing of corrosion at supports (operator independent)
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Battery powered system
  • Inspection raw data is stored and can be post-processed if required
  • Easy and clear reporting
  • Inspection through coating up to 500μm
  • Suitable for (a/o) wall penetrations and complete pipe screening