ROSEN develops and manufactures RoPlasthan® polyurethanes (PU) on the basis of more than thirty-five years of experience and know-how. The material features superior properties which are tailored to our customers’ specific needs, for example different grades in hardness ranging from 40 Shore A to 70 Shore D. RoPlasthan® protects our customers’ valuable assets against mechanical wear as well as against chemical and thermal influences, thus providing longer lifetime, higher security and availability levels, as well as better overall performance.

The PU is synthesized entirely in-house. ROSEN is experienced in conducting rapid prototyping, product-specific numeric calculations, and simulations, in order to optimize PU solutions in terms of lifecycle, weight, or elasticity.

On the one hand, this ensures that all components meet our high quality standards. It also allows for extreme flexibility in regards to individual and complex designs. From pipe caps to hydrocyclones to magnets and sensors embedded in polyurethane — the application range of RoPlasthan® is extensive. On the other hand, it enables very short delivery times and lot sizes of any number, however small or large they may be.