Elastomer systems play an increasingly important role across a wide range of different industries. New properties now facilitate applications that were still unimaginable only a few years ago. With our strong focus on research and development, ROSEN has made valuable contributions to this progress.
ROSEN’s Smart Plastic Systems link the outstanding material properties of RoPlasthan® with intelligent monitoring electronics, such as sensors or communication devices. We provide innovative solutions for numerous applications in many industrial sectors where precise monitoring and process control is essential.

All solutions are either equipped with in-house developed sensor systems or incorporate the highest level of technologies on the market — with everything tailored to our customers’ needs. Our intelligent deformation sensor, for example, measures any kind of deformation in the RoPlastan® that is caused by static or dynamic forces, or pressure. Bending, twisting, beating, compressing, ramming, or expanding are thus detectable. Another solution is our Wear Monitoring System, where sensors are integrated into the RoPlasthan®. Neither application has any negative impact on the integrity of PU.