key advantages

  • ATEX EPD available
  • Monochrome, non-reflcting graphics display
  • Keypad-operated hand-held unit
  • Able to detect extreme low frequency and magnet signals
  • Built-in GPS module (time/location)
  • Bluetooth interface

The Solution

ROSEN’s EPD III device comes with a new ergonomic design, improved graphic display and extended detection capabilities. The electronic tool detector device is used in combination with a transmitter (ITX series), or magnetic signals from in-line inspection (ILI) tools or cleaning tools equipped with tracking magnets.



The EPD includes a hand-held unit, the antenna, an antenna cable for the connection, and the carrier for easy handling of the EPD.

It is part of our tool tracking and locating system. In addition to determining the precise location of a stationary tool, the device can be used for monitoring the passage of a tool.

A tool locating system is basically recommended for use with the following tool types/sorts:
Cleaning tools
• Batch separation using tools
• Smart tools
• Leak-seeking tools.