Key Advantages

  • High signal range (distance up to 23m/75ft)
  • Applicable in almost all media due to stainless steel housing
  • Max. pressure 200 bar (up to 300 bar on request)
  • Standard operating time up to 1000h (higher on request)
  • Max. operating temperature 85°C/185°F
  • External on/of switch
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Available for 3” or larger in-line inspection and cleaning tools
  • Pressure switch activation available on request
  • ATEX compliant version available

The Solution

All ITX transmitters are designed for use with ROSEN’s tool tracking and locating receivers and cleaning tools. They feature a compact design, high signal range for long distance detection, and longer operating time. they are also best in class for performance, safety features, and can be activated by an external switch.


Their compact, rugged design and robust materials allow operation in virtually all products and media. ITX transmitters are available for all pipe sizes from 3” to 56”. For smaller sizes up to 12”, complete transmitter tools are available.

For larger sizes, a bolt-on flange is used for easy mounting of the ITX to any cleaning or inspection tool. ROSEN’s transmitters operate up to 1000 hours with a signal range of up to 23 meters (75 feet).