Pipe Cap

key advantages

  • Prevents contamination of the pipe interior from environmental influences, such as dirt, dust, water, snow, animals, etc.
  • Effective seal against water from the outside with concurrent condensate vapor ventilation from the inside of pipe
  • Secure mechanical performance over a wide temperature range from sub-zero to tropical and arid climates
  • Cost savings due to multiple reusability
  • Easy installation and removal by a single person
  • No tools required for cap installation and removal
  • Optional protection of the outer cut-back and the bevel ends if required

The Solution

In an effort to help our customers fulfill challenging pipe cleanliness requirements and to minimize the costs for pipe preparation and laying, ROSEN has developed a new pipe cap generation that directly addresses our clients’ needs. Based on high mechanical load during the handling process, requirements for cleanliness, and in adaption to our field experience, the resulting design is a cap that combines high performance polyurethane material with a highly resistant and breathable multilayer-membrane.
The cap comes as one piece and reduces corrosion to a minimum without the need for extra equipment such as silica bags, which also frequently need to be changed due to a limited useful lifecycle. Moreover, field experience shows excellent mechanical and dynamic (sealing) performance as demonstrated by lifting pipes up to twenty-nine tons at a temperature range from –30 °C to +40 °C at the yards. In addition, when combined with weathering material types, the caps can be used multiple times over a period of several years.

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