RoPlasthan exhibit properties far exceeding what is available in the market. We formulate and synthesize our materials in-house and develop our own customized technical solutions. This means:

  • Special ROSEN formulations guarantee unique material properties
  • Complete control of all manufacturing parameters
  • Customizable mechanical properties

The unique RoPlasthan material property profile:

  • Highest tear propagation and abrasion resistance
  • Low and high temperature resistant grades
  • Outstanding adhesion to metals and other materials
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Highly hydrolysis resistant grades and food contact grades
  • Flame resistant systems in accordance with FAR 25.853
  • Antistatic grades, ATEX-compliant
  • Selectively adjustable visco-elastic dampening behavior over a wide range
  • Custom-tailored RoPlasthan elastomers ranging between 55 Shore A and 70 Shore D