The ROAIMS CP Analyst module processes and combines aboveground survey records along the pipeline route and provides an important tool for external corrosion direct assessment (ECDA) work. It also allows users to store all necessary information about the cathodic protection installations, such as rectifiers and test posts.

Application Information

Integrated algorithms on the basis of given codes developed e.g. by NACE, ISO or DNV are applied to provide an actual status of the cathodic protection systems performance along the pipeline. Furthermore the tool evaluates soil characteristics to evaluate resistivity and corrosion aggressiveness.

Utilizing the results of these assessments the user can compare outcomes e.g. against external ILI results to evaluate potential root-causes for corrosion hot spots.

Module Description

Using the CP Analyst module, users can:

  • Assess the performance of the cathodic protection systems along the pipeline, based on international standards
  • Estimate the technical condition and workability of the insulation coating of the pipeline, based on DCVG records
  • Evaluate the overall efficiency of the cathodic protection that is being applied to the pipeline asset.
  • Assess the corrosion probability using information about soil conditions