Internal and external corrosion are major threats to the integrity of pipelines. The ROAIMS Corrosion Analyst uses different methods for estimating corrosion growth rates on the basis of data collected along the pipeline route, e.g. by comparing two different ILI runs, corrosion rate modelling for wet gas pipe line using the de Waard - Milliam Analysis, and ER-Probe and coupon based corrosion calculations. 

These rates are ultimately used for growth scenarios calculating the estimated “safe remaining life” for identified defects and by that – providing an indication on mid-term repair plans and re-inspection intervals.

Application Information

The Corrosion Analyst module enables operators to use repeat inline inspection results, or data from other approaches, to determine corrosion growth rates along the pipeline route. This can then be used to guide predictions about future maintenance and repair requirements.

Module Description

Using the Corrosion Analyst module users can:

  • Determine internal and external corrosion growth rates along the pipeline based on matching and comparison of box data. from repeat in-line Inspection runs.
  • Predict the internal corrosion growth rates along the pipeline using the semi-empirical equation (e.g., de Waard-Milliams).
  • Estimate the rate of degradation for fitness-for-service assessments.
  • Determine optimal inspection/remediation intervals.