Application Information

It is now common for integrity management systems to be directly linked to a comprehensive database which systematically stores information by means of numerous interrelated tables.

A parallel instrument usually ensures that different types of documents are methodically filed in a document management system, such as a simple file server or a Microsoft SharePoint environment. Both systems collect and store information, often about related issues. Forming an interface between the two, the Document Repository maximizes overall data storage efficiency.

Module Description

The Document Repository module enables users to:

  • Link documents to individual assets or associated data objects so all information is available under the same asset node and appropriately grouped.
  • Perform spatial searches for files using the Geospatial Analyst, and to add attachments added within a geo-spatial environment.
  • Connect to document management systems such as MS SharePoint and Documentum.

Maintaining a well-organized collection of relevant documentation is an integral part of any operator’s asset integrity plan. With the ROAIMS Document Repository module, ROSEN assures operators of precisely such a full-featured means of achieving this end