The accurate movement and processing of inspection data, regardless of source or destination, is critical to every operator’s inspection analysis process. With the ROAIMS Extract Transform Load module, ROSEN assures operators of ETL data flow integrity that meets or exceeds industry norms.

Application Information

The Extract Transform Load exchange module migrates user-defined inputs into standardized formats, which makes it possible to use heterogeneous structured data from different sources in the system data warehouse.

 In most cases the information from tabular input formats is brought into standardized data models, such as the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS).

Module Description

The Extract Transform Load exchange module enables users to:

  • Pre-define upload processes to integrate all identified data from external sources, such as CP data, soil data and rectifier readings
  • Upload other vendor inline inspection data using a software wizard.
  • Establish additional interaction options based on the existing IT environment: SCADA, Maintenance management or ILI reporting software
  • Normalize records for terminology (e.g. defect classifications) and units (e.g. metric and imperial) before writing them to a common database.


ROSEN is a long-term member and supporter of the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) initiative.
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