Application Information

The GeoSpatial Analyst enables users to visualize all types of integrity-related data in a geographical context by overlaying pipeline-related information with spatial background imagery, e.g., directly connecting to an Enterprise Geographical Information System.

Module Description

The ROAIMS GeoSpatial Analyst provides:

  • Spatial visualization of the pipeline route and representation of all integrated objects along the geographical centerline.
  • A document repository connection to manage all information (e.g., reports, images) associated with any element.
  • Synchronized chart/band view for on-the-fly alignment sheet capability
  • Synchronized list view with advanced filter functionality directly affecting the map content
  • Interface with existent GIS system to load already available vector and raster data or connect to a web map server and display all integrated data on geographical maps
  • Direct pipeline segmentation facilitating further consequence analysis in the context of risk assessment.
  • Integrated functionality such as spatial queries, measurement functionalities and visualization of detailed object information.

Operators rely on available data to stay informed about the conditions of their pipeline systems. With the ROaims GeoSpatial Analyst, ROSEN provides a comprehensive visual analysis tool that supplies what operators need for making informed decisions.