Having ready access to detailed spillage risk analysis is critical to every operator’s pipeline integrity program.  ROSEN provides operators with a comprehensive means of maintaining accurate, up-to-date spillage risk analysis with the ROAIMS Spillage Assessment module.

Application Information

Preventing spillage and minimizing the effects of spill events is a fundamental principle of pipeline integrity management.

 The ROAIMS Spillage Assessment module helps users predict the potential volume and possible consequences of hazardous liquids that would be spilled into the environment as a result of pipeline failure. 

When used in conjunction with the Risk Assessment module, Spillage Assessment allows users to adjust risk levels and gauge the indirect impact of potential failure on high-consequence areas (HCA).

Module Description

Using the ROAIMS Spillage Assessment module, users can

  • Calculate potential volumes of hazardous liquid spills and develop effective pollution response and contingency plans
  • Create simulations based on pumping rate, elevation, profile, location of block valves and known response times
  • Model different spill types (e.g. spills through ruptures or leaks)
  • Simulate ruptures or leaks and determine the resulting volume of liquid that would be lost at a specific place or time
  • Link individual segments to the Risk Assessment module and use the results to adjust consequences
  • Visualize results with geo-referenced data in the GeoSpatial Analyst module.