Operators are keenly aware of the threat posed by stress to the integrity and longevity of their pipelines. With the ROAIMS Stress Analyst module, ROSEN provides operators with an accurate means of quantifying and dealing with stress-based vulnerabilities in their pipeline systems.

Application Information

The ROAIMS Stress Analyst module uses industry-accepted algorithms to calculate fatigue life. The inputs to this calculation are stress measurements and potential strain derived from accurate inertial mapping results during in-line inspection runs.
These analyses are based on different product transportation modes and the calculated results can be overlaid with in-line inspection data. Evaluation of these results potentially provides a basis for further calculation of detailed defect assessment codes.
The module can also identify potential bending (e.g. caused by ground movement) on the basis of the detailed XYZ mapping information collected by an inertial mapping tool.

Module Description

Using the Stress Analyst module, you can:   

  • Calculate hoop stress and equivalent stress
  • Compute stress from detailed XYZ data measured by geometry tools
  • Determine the remaining fatigue life of the pipeline
  • Calculate cyclic loading for pre-defined timeframes based on data gathered by a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.