Application Information

A clear definition of roles and responsibilities is of fundamental importance in establishing and maintaining the quality and efficiency of the daily work of employees.

Capable of reflecting a company’s organizational structure within the ROAIMS environment, User Permissions is a powerful and flexible tool for granting or withholding specific access rights in relation to a wide range of functions and assets.

Module Description

The User Permission module enables users to:

  • Assign functionality access to individual users and to departmental groups.
  • Set restrictions to each specific asset so that only those responsible can work on assigned assets.
  • Create and maintain user classes to reflect different roles and responsibilities, e.g. administrator and domain user.
  • Adopt overall administration of users from the Operating Environment Security System, e.g. Microsoft Active Directory.


Typically installed in complex network environments, ROAIMS inevitably raises issues of permission and restriction. The User Permissions application enables operators to manage access rights centrally for all applications and assets within the ROAIMS environment.