key advantages

  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • Works in any liquid or gaseous medium
  • Up to 200 bar operating pressure; higher pressure capacities optionally available
  • external ON/OFF switch
  • Selectable signal mode from 1:1 to 1:6 or continuous (depending on tool speed and required battery lifetime)
  • 22/28 Hz frequency shift mode
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Standard operating temperatures from -20 to 85 °C
  • Transmitters available for pipes with an outside diameter of between 3" and 56"

The Solution

The System consists of two elements – a receiver with a handheld antenna (EPD) and an ITX Transmitter. Because each component is equipped with its own batteries, neither charging nor an external power supply is required.


Since the Tool Locating And Tracking System is independent of the pipeline contents, it works equally well in any liquid such as crude oil, water, refined products as well as gases. It can be used in connection with a variety of pipeline commissioning and operation activities including; cleaning, flooding, dewatering, inspecting and batching.