Engineering Critical Assessment Framework

The ECA service is composed of the following key tasks1, providing structure and a clear path to completion:

  1. Definition of the ECA strategy
  2. Definition of applicable threats considered in the ECA
  3. Identification of defects remaining in the pipeline using appropriate ILI
  4. ECA analysis in accordance with §192.632 and §192.712
  5. Identification of defects that require a response in accordance with §192.933
  6. Listing of outstanding actions for completion of MAOP reconfirmation using ECA
  7. Reporting
  8. Support for submissions to the regulator

ROSEN also offers the following services complementary to the ECA:

  • Definition of covered segments as per §192.624(a), including review of pressure test records
  • SME support to close out material-property and attribute verification in line with §192.607
  • SME support to write or review the procedures associated with §192.632, §192.624, §192.607 and §192.712

The Benefit

In addition to providing the resources for §192.632 compliance, the ECA service developed by ROSEN leverages the development of accompanying procedures and processes along with the invaluable learnings from a recent ECA pilot inspection presented to PHMSA.

The documented process is delivered in full by ROSEN Integrity Engineers and helps to identify all outstanding actions that are required for the ECA to be brought to completion, achieving the goal of MAOP reconfirmation.


1 The tasks can be modified based on the operator’s existing plans and preferences for defect assessment.