ROSEN offers a market-leading technology which, integrated into a holistic integrity services package, enables pipeline operators to optimize costs with high confidence in results and compliance.

Managing the Integrity of the Pipeline related to Hard Spots

Managing the threat of hard spots is challenging. The starting point of any coherent, holistic integrity management strategy is data collection. Hard spots can occur at any point along the circumference or length of a pipeline. ROSEN’s dual magnetization system (DMG) can reliably detect, identify and size hard spots.

A market-unique combination of high-resolution in-line inspection (ILI) technologies, including eddy current, delivers data that forms the basis for a well-rounded integrity engineering approach. Taking into account susceptibility, verification and response strategies, this approach provides an optimized solution for managing the threat of pipeline hard spots.

Pre-ILI Cleaning

In-line Inspection Service: RoMat DMG

Post Inspection Integrity Assessments

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