Is your job ‘safe operation’? So is ours!

ROSEN’s products and services support all the critical aspects of the integrity management process. We are proud of our position as the knowledge hub for the inspection and analysis of oil and gas assets.

There are three elements to our value proposition:

  • Safety and Compliance: We implement systems and guidelines in accordance with regulations and industry best-practices.
  • Lifetime: We assess the fitness for purpose of assets and propose measures to extend their safe operating life.
  • Performance: We identify ways to improve asset safety, reliability, and efficiency.

ROSEN delivers the full range of systems and services required for asset management: from high-level procedural and organizational definitions to detailed engineering assessments. All over the world, ROSEN maintains and builds highly innovative specialist teams, where an extensive pool of technological and operational knowledge is gathered, developed, and transformed into the cutting-edge services which ensure that you lead the way.

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The Process

Operators in the oil and gas industry are confronted with growing challenges. The economic situation is tense, assets age and regulations impose stricter requirements. A rigorous Integrity Management Process is recognized as the best way to meet these challenges. ROSEN offers cost effective state-of-the-art solutions in each discipline. The environment today requires the highest levels of competence, expertise and knowledge to reach the right conclusions.

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The Assets

Enterprises in the oil and gas industry all face similar challenges, whether they are a tank farm operator, a transmission pipeline operator or a gas distribution company. The assets are valuable, their integrity is crucial. ROSEN’s expertise covers all the disciplines needed for these diverse assets.

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Integrity Solutions movie:

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