Asset integrity is a vital concern in the oil and gas industry. To maintain full and uninterrupted production, to ensure operational safety of assets and to predict remaining asset life are all key outcomes of an asset integrity management system.

ROSEN’s consultants and testing specialists provide all the key technical knowhow that underpins the asset integrity management process. We help operators to develop and implement integrity management systems and to deal with the complex and challenging operational issues that often arise. Recommendations feed in to management decisions for repair, refurbishment and decommissioning. The overall objective is always to prolong the safe and economic utilization of assets, wherever they may be.

Our consultancy and testing capabilities range from materials study, corrosion, welding, metallurgy, risk, structural integrity, pipeline operations to pipeline pigging consultancy and flow assurance. All these services are delivered by dedicated in-house technical teams, led by subject matter experts. These teams in turn have access to a wide range of in-house and proprietary engineering assessment tools.

Operators benefit from reliable solutions that ensure enhanced performance and extend asset life while maintaining safe operation at all times.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of our Consultancy and Testing Services.

Corrosion Management

Corrosion management. Steady, unceasing degradation of assets poses the challenge of maintaining production while holding corrosion at bay. With some estimates suggesting that as much as 3% of GDP is lost to the effects of corrosion in a mature economy, our goal is to reduce that number – and for our clients to have the benefits of those savings. ROSEN’s in-house corrosion team has many decades of experience in assessing and mitigating the effects of corrosion on pipelines and other assets, both offshore and onshore.

Materials and Welding Consultancy

Materials and Welding Consultancy. Welded joints are critical to the performance of structures, pressure vessels, pipelines, piping, and many other assets. Care in how welding is planned, conducted and inspected feeds directly in to the reliability and safety of infrastructure, making the issue highly complex. And a lot depends on it. ROSEN’s Materials and Welding specialists have a thorough grasp of industry standards, techniques and welding methods. Their capability is both academically sound and thoroughly practical.

Stress Analysis, Fracture and Fatigue

Stress Analysis, Fracture and Fatigue. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is a powerful tool for understanding and predicting the behavior of complex structures. It is used to model a complex geometries and structures. Multiple load scenarios can be considered. Strength assessments can be conducted and compared to original design criteria and remaining life estimated with fatigue assessments to support life extension activities. The versatility of FEA in the hands of one of ROSEN’s experienced engineers allows for even the most complex defects to be assessed and their criticality to be determined. Advanced software packages, including ABAQUS, ANSYS, BFLEX, Orcaflex, PLE4Win, CAESAR II, SESAM, USFOS and SACS, are deployed in pursuit of ROSEN’s FEA work.

Product Testing and Validation

Product Testing and Validation.We believe professional testing programs help reduce whole life costs and make a real contribution to the lean running of companies’ assets over many years. This matters before products are installed, during their installation and – especially – when they are buried or submerged. Suppliers and operators want reassurance in the predicted life and integrity of their products in the harsh environment of a real installation in the field. ROSEN’s testing facility will meet any testing requirement where issues of safety, durability and cost are key. Every testing project is a consultancy project, unique in itself, and conducted and delivered as a complete service.

Safety and Reliability Services

Safety and Reliability Services. Many benefits flow from the accurate and timely management of assets. Safety, considerations of reducing environmental impacts and production assurance are all part of that. Which adds up to reduced risk and increased profitability. The reassurance that plants will keep running and that actions based on risk assessment will mitigate failure all serve to reduce costs. The reliability of all assets in an installation is enhanced by knowing and recording their performance. ROSEN’s knowledge and deployment of appropriate, practical and industry-recognized approaches deliver reassurance. These benefits flow not just to a line of costs on a spreadsheet but to all people working on site, to extending the useful life of all assets on site and to the further environmental consideration of garnering most use from expensive resources.

Pigging Feasibility and Optimization

Pigging Feasibility and Optimization. Planned integrity programs for pipelines mandate regular cleaning, pigging and in-line inspections. Regular pigging and archiving data gathered over time increases confidence in management decisions, supports security of assets and extends life – as any integrity threats are signaled well in advance of required remedial actions. This saves time and money and reduces the incidence of offline periods – all vital in the smooth uninterrupted delivery of oil and gas products, and a consultancy available to all our clients with operational assets.

Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance. All pipeline operators want to optimize their operational efficiency and derive maximum life from their assets. Our Flow Assurance consultancy exists to provide critical inputs into that effort with a team of personnel who deploy their years of experience and integrated multi-disciplinary engineering expertise to that end. Use of leading software packages (such as OLGA, Ledaflow and Multiflash combined with Python and Matlab mathematical modelling software) allows us to help clients understand, predict and manage their Flow Assurance challenges.

Pipeline Repair

Pipeline Repair. Operators need to make carefully considered decisions when taking measures to extend the operating life of their pipeline. Replacement of damaged pipe sections often is neither necessary nor reasonable due to high costs and disruptions of the pipeline’s operation. A planned and structured rehabilitation strategy is a critical component in overcoming damages and ensuring pipeline integrity. ROSEN’s engineering consultancy services help operators to fully identify the type, root cause and severity of potential failures, and to determine the timing of required actions. For damages that require immediate attention, ROSEN considers the dilemma of rehabilitation or replacement, the type of rehabilitation that can be applied, and a proposed rehabilitation schedule.

Geotechnical Consultancy

Geotechnical Consultancy. Geo-hazards represent a major threat to pipelines because of their unpredictability. Resulting loadings can be hard to identify, difficult to predict and extremely challenging to control. Abnormal loadings can result in damage to – or even failure of – a pipeline from tensile fracture or collapse. No one can control nature, but through the application of various technologies and by deploying many decades of experience, ROSEN can offer to predict its vagaries and make plans to accommodate and mitigate its effects. We call this geo-hazard identification, evaluation and control. ROSEN is able to determine the magnitude of threats posed by nature’s surroundings and provide comprehensive assessments that can be acted upon by asset owners.

Offshore Integrity Management Services

Offshore Integrity Management Services. The sometimes-hostile offshore environment for a flexible pipe – from subsea structures up to and beyond the sea surface – exacerbates the difficulty of repairing, refurbishing, testing and inspecting these assets. These are the kinds of problems we think about, solve and add to our experience. ROSEN’s asset care for these facilities is led by teams of seasoned engineers whose experience in the offshore world is second to none. Through planning, inspection, maintenance and monitoring programs, they offer clients the predictability, management and reassurance that their offshore assets are in the best hands.

Flexible Pipe Assessment

Flexible Pipe Assessment. The offshore environment in which a flexible pipe exists – from subsea structures up to and beyond the sea surface – exacerbates the difficulty of repair, refurbishment, testing and inspection. It is recommended that an Integrity Management strategy and program of inspection is implemented as early as practicable – and results recorded at regular intervals throughout an asset’s operational lifecycle. ROSEN has a team with significant experience in:

  • Annulus testing
  • In-line inspection
  • Specialist analysis and verification
  • Aging and life extension

Structural Integrity Management

Structural Integrity Management. Combining capabilities and experience design, operation and consulting and looking to the digital technologies of the future, we offer the following structural integrity management services for fixed and floating offshore facilities:

  • Advanced Structural Reliability Assessment including Wave-in-Deck Assessment
  • In-service condition analyses integrating structural health monitoring data
  • Late-Life Asset support and decommissioning studies
  • Corroded Caisson, Riser and Conductor Fatigue Assessment