In a complex uncertain world we need to identify, assess and mitigate risks to ensure safe and efficient operations. Based on an understanding of risk acceptance, risk management prioritizes potential threats to asset integrity and addresses uncertainties. This helps operators to optimize their integrity management process and determine appropriate, cost-effective risk control measures.

ROSEN offers a broad range of Risk Management services across multiple asset types. The combination of both qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methods and our expertise in associated disciplines, such as corrosion management and stress analysis, will help operators to:

  • Understand acceptable, tolerable and unacceptable levels of risk
  • Evaluate risk levels
  • Prioritize threats
  • Determine risk control measures
  • Optimize the integrity management process

Partnering with ROSEN will bring the following benefits:

  • Compliance with standards and regulations
  • Achieve industry best practice in risk management
  • Long-term consultancy, support and training from an experienced team
  • Phased approach customized to your individual needs and operational and maintenance procedures
  • Holistic overview of an asset’s condition and potential risks for management decision support

Below you will find a comprehensive list of our Risk Management Services.

Pipeline Risk Management

Pipeline Risk Management. Legislation increasingly demands a quantitative approach to pipeline risk assessment, however qualitative and semi-quantitative methods are often appropriate. ROSEN has developed a modular Pipeline Risk Assessment Model (QPRAM) to address this need for different approaches and provide a more objective perspective in risk evaluation. This model is compliant with the following standards: API 1160, API501, ASME B31.8S, AS 2885, DNV F116.

Our services involve:

  • Client system definition and segmentation
  • Threat/hazard identification and susceptibility
  • Probability of failure assessment
  • Consequence analysis
  • Risk result presentation as per client-specific requirements
  • Prioritization of future integrity actions

Risk-based Inspection Planning

Risk-based Inspection Planning. With limited resources at hand, operators need to prioritize and optimize their inspection activities. We help to develop risk-based inspection (RBI) plans that will provide recommendations on the optimal inspection interval, location and technology as well as the right interpretation of inspection results to balance expenditures between low-, medium- and high-risk items. The RBI plans are compliant with relevant standards such as API580, API581, API510, and other industry recognized methods.

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management. Operators need to ensure that the risks arising from loss of containment for personnel, assets and the environment are as low as reasonably practicable. We help them to make sure processes in their facilities are safe and fully compliant with current standards.

Our services include:

  • Hazard Identification (HAZID/ENVID, HAZOP)
  • Consequence Modelling
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Barrier Management
  • Assurance
  • Safety Reports

Safety and Reliability Services

Safety and Reliability Services. Particularly with aging assets, owners and operators face increased pressure to assure safety and reliability while maximizing profitability and extending asset life. A holistic approach to asset management helps to ensure the performance of a facility by making sure it is designed, constructed, operated and maintained properly.

We develop robust asset management strategies that support the entire asset lifecycle, from the early phases to the end of operational life.

  • Failure Root Cause Analysis
  • Criticality assessment
  • Development of maintenance strategies
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance studies
  • Maintenance best practice audit and implementation


When it comes to risk management, knowledge is power, and more data can translate into more insights. Therefore, operators need a streamlined data management process to make a difference.

NIMA is an Asset Integrity Management Software that provides instant access to inspection and integrity assessment results. It gives clarity in understanding risks and making complex asset integrity management decisions.

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