In-line inspections provide indispensable data for understanding a pipeline's condition. Inspections identify anomalies at the time of measurement, therefore the results are always just a snapshot, and many questions may still go unanswered. To determine the significance of reported features for a particular pipeline and predict their future behaviour, such as growth, a detailed assessment of the findings of the in-line inspection is essential. This assessment will allow operators to develop robust and justified plans for the most appropriate short term mitigation measures and long term management of integrity threats.

ROSEN offers a range of services to extract maximum value from inspection data in terms of:

  • significance of reported features
  • potential feature causes
  • changes compared to previous inspections

With these services, ROSEN is able to help operators with

  • prioritization of features that require immediate repair
  • definition of multi-year repair and maintenance plans
  • implementation of prevention and control measures

Our combined expertise in both the underlying integrity issues and the inspection systems allow the most accurate assessments and well-balanced recommendations. To maximize the value for operators of the broad range of inspection technologies, each of our in-line inspection services is accompanied by the appropriate assessment offerings.

Below you find a comprehensive list of our Engineering Assessment Services.