key advantages

  • The large fleet of bidirectional units can be adapted with various components from our extensive technology portfolio to meet the asset’s requirements.
  • Operational downtime is kept to an absolute minimum, as the solution is flexible and can tolerate both unidirectional and bidirectional inspections.
  • Enables additional fail-safe measures, as the tool can be reversed at any time, which helps to secure the safety of the asset, operators, and surrounding environment.
  • Avoids the need for costly pipe modifications, as the same location can be utilized for insertion and retrieval of the inspection system.

The Solution

The high-performance bidirectional capability of these tools is achieved by unique low-friction magnetizers and sensor suspension systems combined with special sealing elements, which allows for bidirectional pumping, tethered operation, and robotic propulsion. The bidirectional capability can be combined with our vast technology portfolio to accurately detect specific threats to a pipeline system.

Service Options

 A large range of technology and services can be combined with bidirectional components to fulfil the operator’s needs, from the initial request to the final report.