key advantages

  • Confidence that coiled tubing is safe for operation
  • Accurate and reliable detection of metal loss and ovalities
  • Highly sensitive to even smallest defects, such as pinhole corrosion and mechanical damage
  • Real-time monitoring delivering immediate results on wall thickness, diameter, speed and depth
  • Designed for hazardous environments, including ATEX zone 1 for onshore and offshore operations
  • Cost savings and improved operating efficiency through avoidance of unscheduled downtime
  • Provision of vital input data for subsequent assessments, such as fatigue and remaining life assessments

The Solution

ROSEN’s ACIM is a sophisticated tool designed to identify critical defects before failure with a high probability of detection. It monitors the tubing condition in real time and provides a clear, unambiguous and comprehensive analysis of the inspection data in an easy-to-read report. Corrective actions can then be scheduled, thus increasing operational efficiency.

The resultant inspection data can be used to inform risk-based integrity decisions and more realistic remaining life assessments. It can also be integrated with other data sources.


ACIM is based on Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology, a nondestructive testing method that can detect metal loss in coiled tubing. The wall of the tube is magnetized and the magnetic field leaks from areas where there is metal loss. This leakage field is then detected and assessed in real time.

The ACIM inspection unit contains:

  • A circumferential array of up to 54 integrated magnetic flux sensing hall elements
  • 12 GEO sensors for measuring tube geometry (ovality)
  • An odometer for logging the position of detected features.