Flow Assurance 1

Key Advantages

By providing consultancy services for both corrosion control and production efficiency related flow modelling, ROSEN is really a one-stop shop. We offer our customers anything they require for the improvement of flow efficiency, reliability, corrosion control, and pigging.

ROSEN's comprehensive flow assurance consultancy service can help you with:

  • effective corrosion control and management
  • higher production efficiency
  • successful inspection and cleaning plans based on rigorous, dynamic tool behavior in multiphase flow

The Solution

The primary objective of Flow Assurance is to economically optimize the transport of fluids from the reservoir to the production facility. In order to achieve this, detailed and authentic inspection data is essential—and inspection success relies on analytical planning.
By drawing on existing tracking data, ROSEN calculates the tool behavior that can be expected in gas, liquid, slurry, and multiphase lines. This allows for recommendations on the optimization of the tool velocity.

For a successful pipeline inspection, cleaning is mandatory. ROSEN determines accurate surge and liquid volumes on the basis of data from previous inspections so that a correct and efficient tool operation is ensured for future inspection and cleaning runs. Furthermore, ROSEN gives advice on adequate cleaning cycles to make inspections and inventory run as smoothly as possible.

One major cause for irregular flow is corrosion. Therefore, effective corrosion control and management is most vital in order to maintain ideal transport conditions within pipelines. ROSEN applies industry-standard corrosion models that are integrated in more extensive flow calculations, such as DeWaard, Milliams, NORSOK, and TOLC IFE models. To keep future corrosion in pipelines to a minimum, ROSEN assists customers with prioritizing their need of asset inspections and optimizing inhibitor-injection rates and efficiency.


ROSEN undertakes fully integrated flow assurance consultancy by modeling steady-state and dynamic flow behavior for our clients' pipelines.

Areas of expertise:

  • Pipesim™ and OLGA™ model development
  • Applications of flow models for cleaning studies, inspection, corrosion, wax and pigging analysis