Pipeline Performance Management

Asset integrity and process optimization double loop with the words "Plan", "Do", "Check", "Act", "Set".

We understand that you as an operator have two key goals: providing a reliable cost-effective transportation service and maintaining integrity to ensure safety and compliance. Once these goals are set, the performance management of a pipeline includes setting strategies for all elements of the comprehensive asset integrity management approach. This means developing key performance indicators and a plan for continuous improvement and adjustment as you go through the cycle. This stage is heavily influenced by stakeholder expectations, including those from within an organization as well as regulations and standards.

Pipeline Integrity Framework

In order to achieve this continuous improvement, we apply a framework approach to each pipeline threat. This allows us to take a holistic view of performance management.

The 'big picture' mindset is a consolidation of industry best practice, advanced inspection techniques, integrity methods as well as training and big data analytics. For each framework the operator will set goals to define how to approach pipeline performance and make a plan to continue through the asset integrity management approach.

Optimize the performance of your pipeline with our services

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