Key Advantages

  • Allows inspection of non-accessible areas, ideal for the inspection of pipe supports, elevated pipes and pipe racks
  • High sensitivity measurement system setup
  • Fast and accurate data analysis with repeatable results
  • Motor driven
  • No liquid coupling medium required
  • Works on both flat and uneven surfaces
  • Detects internal and external defects
  • Provides real-time indication of features

The Solution

ROSEN delivers in-field inspection services that leverage EMAT technology. It can be used for difficult-to-reach areas such as pipe supports, pipes in walls, partially buried pipelines, and pipes that are positioned in close proximity to each other, such as pipe racks. Other applications include e.g. coated pipes, areas next to supports, buried pipes as well as pressure vessels and tank shells.

The EMAT inspection technology offers the added benefit of several wave modes for optimal feature detection. The result: a self-propagating and uncomplicated detection technology that requires no special preparation and permits rapid screening.

With this inspection service ROSEN offers two fundamental and comple-mentary inspection tools that are free-running and therefore fast and easy to use. The tools work on flat and uneven surfaces and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Reports are automatically generated and the scans provide clear images of individual features and precise indication of position and dimensions.