Multi_Dia 460x300

key advantages

  • Accurate and precise feature classification and sizing across the entire multi diameter range.      
  • High data quality by smooth tool propulsion.      
  • Excellent passage capabilities for the entire multi diameter range, e.g. 1.5D bends and heavy wall.      
  • Inspection tool qualification by individual full scale testing.      
  • High availability and a wide range of proven tool configurations designed to transverse long Y-pieces and unbarred full bore Tees.      
  • High quality service with certified processes (API 1163), personnel qualification (ASNT) and equipment (CE, ATEX).

The Solution

Key element of ROSEN’s multi diameter technology are the highly collapsible, self centering vehicles. Namely the pull unit to drive the tool and the inspection units. With flexible sealing elements and wheel support, the friction of these individual units is kept moderate over the entire diameter range. Full sensor coverage is gained by flexible high resolution sensor suspensions for the metal loss and geometry inspections.
Different diameters lead to varying differential pressure and flow. In this situation smooth run conditions can be achieved with our speed control technology implemented in the pull unit.
With the well-structured and certified data evaluation process our analysts provide the required high quality assessment on-time. Our reporting software facilitates the broad use of the inspection results.

Service Options

  • Cleaning – operational and pre inspection
  • Speed Control – inspection at high flow rates
  • XYZ – route mapping and strain analysis
  • Combo – multiple inspection technologies in one run
  • Offshore – long distance and high pressure
  • Post ILI – data alignment and combined evaluation
  • Integrity – RBI, FFP, CGA, dent strain and stress analysis
  • NIMA – Asset Integrity Management Software