key advantages

•    On-site reporting within 48h.
•    24/7/365 availability, and short response times.
•    Dedicated personnel for operator on-site.
•    Flexible timing of inspection runs, allowing multiple inspections.
•    Minimizing operational disturbance by avoiding multiple runs
      using combo tools.
•    Mobile Diagnostic Units located throughout the United States.
•    Largest tool fleet in the world allocated entirely to the US Market.
•    Mapping of anomalies, allowing to repair critical anomalies
•    The service is in full compliance with codes and regulations.

The Solution

The R³ Field Project Engineer™ brings the ROSEN Mobile Diagnostic Unit™ [MDU] to site. The MDU carries a fully stocked workshop inside as well as all diagnostic equipment needed, including ROSEN’s advanced AutoData™ processing unit.

Cleaning and inspection services are performed with all equipment on-site for as many pipelines as needed. ROSEN’s R³ Hybrid Tools™ are designed for precision, reliability and durability. They are combining magnetic flux leakage measurement, geometry measurement and mapping technologies within one tool. Their robustness ensures first run success and maximizes operational uptime, allowing the operator to maximize the efficiency of your field crews.

The AutoData™ algorithm generates complete results in hours while virtually minimizing the human factor. Visual recognition algorithms identify and cluster anomalies and installations while automatically eliminating false calls. Integrated machine learning ensures a continuous improvement process with each completed evaluation.

A complete R³ Service Report summarizes all activities and results of the operators assets. It will be delivered within 48 hours.

R³ Field Project Engineers™ certified in accordance to ASNT ILI-PQ-2010 take care of the inspection needs. They become the guides throughout the entire project execution, have many years of service experience and are widely qualified in project management, maintenance, field services and data evaluation.

The Benefit

R³ is responsive. ROSEN offers the largest fleet of ILI tools on the market. Our 24/7/365 R³ Service is available throughout the United States within 24 hours. Each MDU stocks up to 40 different tools, allowing for highest campaign flexibility. Flexible and ad-hoc changes in pipeline sizes and number of inspections is possible on-site.

R³ is rapid. Complete diagnostic results are available in 48 hours. ROSEN’s advanced AutoData™ processing unit enables to assess all diagnostic results in depth on-site with the opportunity to dig up critical defects.

R³ is reliable. Minimizing the human factor in the evaluation process guarantees repeatable and reliable diagnostic results. The availability of personnel and equipment, combined with automation, guarantees project completion. The robust tool design strengthens first run success and maximizes operational efficiency,