RoCorr MFL-A Ultra 1
RoCorr MFL-A Ultra 2
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key advantages

  • Detection of smallest defect, e .g .pinholes down to one millimeter (0.04 inches) in diameter
  • Improved integrity and MAOP assessments due to accurate understanding of the pipeline’s structure
  • Avoidance of unnecessary dig-ups
  • Optimization of the asset’s performance

The Solution

Just like an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner provides lifelike images of the interior of the human body, ROSEN's new premium service, RoCorr MFL-A Ultra, produces lifelike images of a pipe wall's structure. It not only detects even the smallest pipeline defects, but also defines the exact structure of defect groups and complex corrosion.

ROSEN’s ultra-high-definition 3D MFL sensors represent a step change in MFL technology. RoCorr MFL-A Ultra is capable of detecting even tiny changes in a pipe wall’s structure, displaying what until now has often remained unseen.

This includes:

  • Pinholes down to one millimeter (0.04 inches) in diameter
  • Preferential girth weld corrosion
  • The detailed structure of defect groups, such as complex corrosion, top-of-line corrosion (TOLC), pinholes in general corrosion, pinhole colonies, microbially-induced corrosion (MIC)

AutoData™ sets entirely new standards in the field of data evaluation. It deploys machine-learning, adaptive algorithms that are calibrated using high-resolution 3D laser scans of real pipe defects. This means that the evaluation algorithms continuously evolve during their application and therefore constantly improve the quality of their results, leading to a significant increase in defect sizing accuracy.
Large amounts of data are processed automatically within seconds, leading to a significant increase in integrity assessment accuracy.

The Benefit

With ROSEN's premium service, RoCorr MFL-A Ultra, even smallest  pipeline anomalies can be detected. Lifelike images of the interior and exterior pipe wall, combined with automated data evaluation, provide a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the pipeline's structure. This in turn allows for improved integrity and MAOP assessments that actually reflect reality, ultimately avoiding unnecessary dig-ups and enabling you to tap the full potential of your assets.

RoCorr MFL-A Ultra not only minimizes field verification expenses, but also optimizes your assets' performance.