Climate change is one of the biggest challenges humanity faces today. We all need to be involved in the process of moving towards a decarbonized economy. At the same time, the advancing global energy transition faces many challenges when it comes to ensuring a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supply.

The energy industry is currently going through its biggest change in living memory, despite this gas and its valuable infrastructure continue to play a major role in a decarbonized and integrated energy system. Scaling up the transportation of renewable and low-carbon gases in our global existing and new build pipeline network is essential to deliver a reliable and affordable transition to climate neutrality. 

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We are the industry's partner for the introduction of future fuels such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide or ammonia in to the existing grid. 

Based on our broad experience of inspecting pipelines transporting different media we developed a deep understanding of what is needed under the new circumstances the market is facing now. This understanding is backed by our extensive data pool which offers valuable insights for the benefit of your pipeline grids.

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Energy must become more sustainable. We see ourselves as pioneers helping to shape the conventional and regenerative energy industry.
Dr.-Ing. Marion Erdelen-Peppler, Head of Business Line Hydrogen, ROSEN Group

Our solutions

Subject-matter expertise in asset integrity and appropriate inspection technologies makes us an ideal partner for asset operators across the hydrogen value chain with the ultimate aim of extending the lifetime of valuable assets into a carbon-neutral future.

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) gives us two positive effects at once: it is a measure against the greenhouse effect and at the same time produces a valuable feedstock for the industry. There are challenges in converting pipelines to carbon dioxide transportation, however, they can be tackled with engineering diligence.