Performing in the offshore arena means performing under extreme conditions. This applies to the people and equipment working and operating 24/7 on platforms and vessels as well as the offshore pipelines, manifolds, structures and processing facilities. Experts and technologies are therefore needed that not only meet the challenges, but exceed them. We provide an experienced team of offshore experts for flexible, multi-purpose, and future proof solutions.

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Unique assets require versatile solutions

Offshore assets have to withstand extreme environmental loading (waves, currents, wind, and temperatures), a highly corrosive external environment, high operating temperatures, untreated well products, and high internal and external pressures. These issues combined with complex logistics and varied designs make maintenance and integrity management challenging. This is why sustainable and efficient approaches proven by years of experience are vital. Your asset is unique, so our solutions are as versatile as possible. Be it pipeline end manifold (PLEM), flexible riser or topside structure, we have the expertise and equipment to provide you with an Asset Integrity Management (AIM) solution tailored specifically to your needs.

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Planning, defining and implementing best practice

In the management of an offshore asset, the smallest inaccuracy may have severe consequences. Reliable information on an asset's integrity status is critical to speedy decision-making so that safe and efficient operation can be guaranteed. Inspection and assessment projects around the world give us unique insights into what works and what does not. We can audit existing systems to identify gaps in order to help define and implement a best practice.

With a unique combination of expertise, practical experience, and digital solutions, we can:

  • Deliver robust risk-based inspection programs
  • Develop state-of-the-art corrosion management strategies
  • Complete complex wave in-deck analyses
  • Analyze anchor snagging
  • Identify and predict corrosion growth
  • Calculate flexible pipe fatigue life
  • Identify repair and rehabilitation options
  • Ensure robust anomaly management

Whether you require high-level procedural and organizational definitions or detailed action schedules, our services allow you to achieve effective and sustainable asset management.

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Using in-house developed and manufactured inspection solutions for every asset

The efforts required for the inspection of an offshore asset – a subsea system, a pipeline, a jacket structure or topsides facility – are enormous. It is therefore crucial for operators to maximize the information collected and minimize the time required to do so. We offer a wide variety of external and internal inspection solutions for pipelines, flexibles, structures, and pressure equipment. Combining sensitivity with durability and reliability, our in-house developed and manufactured inspection systems deliver accurate and repeatable results – even under the harshest conditions.

Our services include the following:

  • Electromagnetic Acoustic Technology (EMAT) that enables rapid screening at high sensitivity for both internal and external corrosion in addition to reliably identifying corrosion under supports
  • Ultrasonic confirmation by API-570-certified professionals
  • Technologies such as long-range UT, thermal imaging, and flexible pipe annulus volume testing
  • Verification of repairs to aging structures by our accredited inspectors

Our in-line inspection solutions include both free-swimming and tethered ILI tools as well as powerful autonomous crawler systems, all of which are able to carry the latest high-resolution sensors, including magnetic and ultrasonic technologies through a pipeline. These systems are also able to successfully navigate pipelines which present challenges associated with accessibility, negotiability, and propulsion – including those with multiple diameters, offtakes, inlets, wye pieces, heavy walls, high velocity gas, low flow and low pressure – in order to deliver the high-quality results operators depend on.

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Optimizing flow with cleaning while ensuring safe and efficient operation

Optimal flow is the single most important prerequisite for efficient pipeline operation. Debris and liquids can encourage corrosion damage and prevent successful inspection. For offshore systems an effective cleaning program and appropriate debris and liquids management strategies are crucial for maintaining pipeline efficiency and integrity.

We help operators by:

  • Combining flow modeling with decades of practical experience to help operators develop exactly those programs and strategies that are best suited for their specific system
  • Integrating high-performance equipment with sealing, bypass and scraping systems that ensure the tool travels at ideal cleaning velocity, even in multi-diameter pipelines or pipelines requiring bidirectional run capacity. This way, operators can be sure that every run delivers excellent results, enabling optimal flow, e.g., maximum throughput
  • Our customizable cleaning solutions (comprising cup and disc tools) can be fitted with an array of cleaning support elements, including but not limited to brushes, magnets, descaling and dewaxing equipment and smart gauge discontinued.

Our cleaning services collect valuable data regarding the type, volume, or nature of debris removed, and catalogue it for future use. We provide you with tangible information on the effectiveness of the cleaning program or the feasibility of a subsequent in-line inspection.

Offshore platform with tanker and other vessels surrounding it.

Providing long-term information on assets for sustainable integrity management

An inspection can only provide knowledge about an asset's current integrity status. Some findings may be classified as critical, yet not severe enough to merit immediate mitigation. In these cases, precise and reliable monitoring targeted to previously identified defects may be of great benefit to the operator.

Our monitoring solutions utilize modern sensor systems in robust packages. Our services include:

  • Structural natural frequency monitoring to identify changes that may result from damage
  • Wall thickness monitoring to identify corrosion issues
  • Monitoring of anti-abrasion coatings to identify thickness reductions
  • Systems to monitor the build-up of internal deposits in a pipeline

The detailed, real-time information collected by these monitoring systems enables the operator to immediately make critical asset management decisions.

Trusted expertise of offshore asset care

We understand the challenges operators are facing and offer innovative solutions for a comprehensive asset solutions approach.

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