The mining industry poses specific challenges to both your assets and maintenance equipment. Extremely abrasive product, low flow rates, very high temperatures, and pipelines that typically were not designed to ever be inspected, are only a few. We support you with a wide range of mining solutions made to overcome even the most demanding challenges – from proactive care of slurry pipelines to inspection solutions.

Pipelines with branches leading through a desert-like landscape.

Inspection of mining infrastructures

Every level of inspection we offer is also applicable to slurry pipelines. No matter which type of anomaly, or the accessibility of asset – we have tools and experts with appropriate solutions at the ready. Along our innovative in-line inspection solutions, we also offer the entire range of associated post-inspection assessments.

Pipeline leads over a high bridge in mountainous terrain.

Slurry pipelines as special inspection challenge

Slurry pipelines pose operational problems for surveying because inspection tool components are typically exposed to high wear. In addition, the build-up of solids in such pipes must be managed. But how do operators decide whether or not a feature needs immediate attention? We collect data using a wide range of inspection technologies that are pushed through the pipelines by the slurry. These tools deliver accurate and reliable information on pipeline damage such as shapes, depth and amounts of dents, buckles, erosion, corrosion and cracks. 

Our dedicated services

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We offer various services ranging from in-line inspections, integrity assessments to consultancy.