Pipeline Audit and Review

Asset integrity loop with the words "Plan", "Do", "Check", "Act", "Set" with "Check" colored in purple.

Comprehensive asset integrity management requires both compliance with procedures and regulations, and continuous improvement. The 'check' element of the integrity management loop is where compliance is confirmed and opportunities for improvement are identified. We support operators by providing expert audit and review services.

Best practice defined

The ultimate indicators of effective integrity management are factors such as pipeline failure rates, availability, and capacity. Integrity management systems are designed to achieve target levels of safety and reliability at reasonable cost. Regular audit and review of management system performance is important to build confidence that targets are being achieved, to identify any gaps in performance and drive continuous improvement in line with best practice.

There are no internationally agreed standards. Our approach is based on experience with operators worldwide, and draws on national standards such as ASME B31.8S, API 1160, API 1173, DNV RP F116 or EN 16348 and incorporates Quality Management Principles of ISO 9001 and Asset Management Philosophy of ISO 55000.

Three professionals sitting at a board room table reviewing a document.

Audit and review

Are your company processes delivering the desired results? Have they kept up with changes in operation and are they fully implemented? We are experts in asset integrity management supported by a multi-disciplinary team. Our services involve:

  • Assessment of the systems and practices employed by the operator
  • Verifying their adequacy and effectiveness against defined KPIs
  • Benchmarking performance against other operators worldwide
  • Identifying areas for improvement
Graphic of a loop that goes through all the stages of the ROSEN integrity management framework.

Best practice gap analysis

Studies have shown that the application of best practice and the adoption of a ‘zero incidents’ philosophy make a major contribution to effective integrity management. Working with operators worldwide, and seeing close-up the condition of their assets we have a clear view of what works. Our services involve:

  • Review and analysis of the existing provisions in relation to each element of the ROSEN Integrity Management Framework
  • Identifying areas for further improvement

Implementing and following a system for best practice makes a major contribution to effective integrity management.

Two experts in front of two screens, one pointing to something on the big screen.

System improvement

Working in partnership with the asset owner, bespoke system improvement support can be provided:

  • Development of integrity management manual
  • Organizational structure review
  • Definition of performance measurement requirements
  • Production of procedural documents
  • Provision of personnel training and knowledge transfer opportunities

Achieve excellence in asset integrity management