ROSEN in South America

Thinking global and acting local this motto allows us to provide solutions for comprehensive asset integrity management specific to your regional needs.

For more than 25 years we have served our customers from our main offices located in Bogota, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, making it the ideal place to support oil & gas and mining companies from all over South America. In addition, we have a Technology & Research Center in Bogotá where our experts develop software solutions for asset operators.

Made for the region

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Local team members

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Regionally assigned tools to serve you in the most efficient and economical way

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Your asset integrity ally

Our locations in South America offer inspections of critical industrial assets as well as custom engineering consultancy for efficient asset integrity management. Our services guarantee reliable operations with the highest standards and efficiency. We are active in all countries across South America, from Colombia Chile.

Several people on stage at the 'Iconic Supplier with Inclusive and Sustainable Energy' Award presented by ECOPETROL.

ROSEN recognized by ECOPETROL

In May 2024, we were awarded first place in the Innovation and Technology category of the 'Iconic Supplier with Inclusive and Sustainable Energy' award presented by ECOPETROL.

ECOPETROL, the leading and largest oil company in Colombia, presents this award to acknowledge suppliers who demonstrate commitment to sustainable development through the design of innovative products or services and exemplary practices in environmental protection.

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At ROSEN we insist on providing the best of technologies and services based on ethical behavior, protection of people and environment. This recognition is a demonstration of our value proposition: helping operators ensure safe and efficient piping systems, maximizing product uptime and performance, and protecting the environment.
Leonardo Mendoza, Director Business Execution, ROSEN Group in South America

Local leadership

Constanza Benitez

Vice President, Business Resourcing

Eduardo Soria

Vice President, Business Execution

Roberto Canaves

Vice President, Business Collaboration

Open positions in South America

Consider joining a team of 'out-of-the-box' thinkers in South America. Work closely with asset operators and a team of engineers, developers, and experts.

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Locations in South America

ROSENARG S.R.L., Buenos Aires, Argentina

ROSENARG S.R.L. is responsible for servicing clients across South America and is represented by exclusive representatives in countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia.

ROSENBRA Engenharia Brasil Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ROSENBRA Engenharia Brasil Ltda., an independent ROSEN operating unit, maintains close contact with its clients through a network of affiliated offices and exclusive agents.

ROSEN Group companies are independent operating units that provide the complete range of ROSEN products and services. Each company performs operations and data analysis with local ROSEN employees trained to group and industry standards.

RTRC Colombia Ltda. and ROSEN Colombia S.A.S., Bogotá, Colombia

RTRC Colombia Ltda., supports ROSEN Swiss AG in developing, building and delivering innovative solutions based on ROSEN clients’ request.

The highly specialized team in Bogotá works in agile project teams in which the multi-national cooperation with other ROSEN engineering support centers is mandatory. The team follows the same software development processes and uses identical development infrastructures as the other groups. This enables multi-national teams if needed and worldwide useable outcomes.