Pipeline Education Consultancy

Your workforce is your most important asset, and to ensure the safety of your employees in the pipeline industry, competence development is crucial. That is why it is critical to invest in your employees to ensure your team is trained and up-to-date with the latest knowledge and insight.

Build and grow your workforce with the Competence Club

Leveraging training within your team can help to:

  • Retain and advance your employees successful careers
  • Close skills gaps
  • Attract top industry talent and develop the next industry experts
  • Strengthen leadership development by helping leaders from all levels with their teams
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Improve profitability, and
  • Enhance business credibility.
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TGN would recommend this methodology to other organizations, as we consider to constitute a complete program to demonstrate qualified and certified personnel in integrity competencies, as the industry is requiring nowadays in a path to zero incidents.
Pedro Hryciuk, Technical Manager, TGN
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Keep your team on track with customized training solutions

Whether you are onboarding new employees, redefining team roles and responsibilities, or recognizing workforce skills gaps, it is a big task to identify your team's skills, the levels of training required, and the implementation of a detailed competency framework. Since 2015, our team at the Competence Club has been creating solutions by developing customized training frameworks for pipeline integrity companies and organizations through our education consultancy services. Our approach is to identify and understand your training and development needs. We then pinpoint areas where your team can grow and provide training solutions that enable and empower your employees to improve, manage and develop their skills.

Why work with us

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Improving workforce competence does not need to be a challenge. Our experienced education consultancy team will work with you closely to fully understand your requirements and company objectives to create bespoke competency training packages to ensure you reach your desired goal.

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To ensure we provide the best training experience for you, we consult with over 70 leading industry experts globally to provide unparalleled insight into all things integrity management, including operation, inspection, integrity, and risk.

The highly skilled team collaborates on the design and development of our Competence Club training courses and competency examinations, and initiates certifications. They also share their knowledge through our community events and learning resources.

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With our education consultants, we can assess your team’s level of competence in a specific area of expertise to identify strengths and any potential knowledge gaps. We will then analyze the results and offer a suitable competency development strategy and tailored solution to address those skills gaps to future-proof your company for the long term.

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Certifications are more than just a piece of paper; they are a statement of quality and competence to your employers, colleagues, and clients.

With qualification programs designed in collaboration with the Qualification Panel for the Pipeline Industry (QPPI), and CERTivation assessments for American National Accreditation Board (ANAB) Certification, our carefully designed learning pathways can validate your competency globally within the industry.

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To support the development of competence in the pipeline industry, we knew there was a need to define a process to develop, benchmark, and quantify the ability of your workforce. That is why the Competence Club collaborated with industry experts and members of the Qualification Panel for the Pipeline Industry (QPPI) to create the Competency Standards Manual for pipeline integrity.

The Competency Standards Manual lists and defines over 40 competencies at awareness, foundation, practitioner, and expert levels. These competencies offer the basis for our training and examination process.

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With the flexibility to meet your needs on timescales, learning styles, delivery, level, and scalability, our experienced and adaptable education consultancy experts can help create the perfect learning pathway. This allows you and your pipeline integrity workforce to focus on what matters most – developing skills and improving competence.

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We know that a good percentage of your competence development success depends on your leadership, mentors and coaches. We also know that your experts are busy people and do not always have the time to support the development of their teams. We can offer mentors and coaches to assist you in developing your career and supporting your leadership in growing their teams.

We do not only offer a competence development program for your company, but we support its implementation by providing a structure and discipline for reflection and learning. We are your 'learning partner' from start to finish.