Increased Efficiency Through Optimized Data Management

NIMA Integrity Management Software

The maintenance engineer of this specialist oil storage company with an extensive asset base of tanks, pumps and pipework in South Asia has limited time to deal with the results of a new in-line inspection of their jetty pipeline. Demonstrating that the pipeline condition is safe and complies with regulator expectations – and not to mention checking for changes since the previous inspection and planning the next – all divert precious time from other critical activities.

Our solution

Web-based access to NIMA, ROSEN’s state-of-the-art, securely hosted pipeline integrity management software. Following the inspection, the ILI listing was pre-loaded by our data management specialists and aligned with the results of previous inspections. This combination ensured that the customer could:

  • Quickly and easily verify and visualize ILI data in tables, charts and maps from the latest and previous inspections.
  • Independently complete integrity assessment processes using proven methods (Immediate Fitness-for-Purpose, Corrosion Growth Assessment and Future Fitness-for-Purpose) and generate summary reports.
  • View and interact with the results of Fitness-for-Purpose and Corrosion Growth Analyses completed by ROSEN integrity engineers to aid planning of coating and repair activity.

The operator’s maintenance engineer received quick and simple NIMA user training. All data was integrated into the NIMA IM platform for data quality assurance and control (QA/QC). NIMA IM platform maintenance services were provided during the subscription period.

Your benefit

The visualization of ILI data and integrity assessment results via the ROSEN hosted NIMA IM platform simplified and accelerated the operator’s integrity management processes. The NIMA IM platform provided the operator’s engineers with direct access to their pipeline integrity data and facilitated a quick and accurate assessment of the asset’s condition.

The overall benefits were:

  • Significant savings of time and effort.
  • Reliable verified results.
  • Immediate access to aligned pipeline data and assessment results (system of record) from any device from any location.
  • Quick and sustainable decision-making supported by well-structured interactive dashboards.
Three charts showing information on internal corrosion and its growth.Corrosion Growth Assessment
Three diagrams showing different scenarios for Future Fitness for Service Assessment.Future Fitness-for-Service Assessment