Presenters: Ulrich Schneider, Stefan Vages

High Resolution Data Collection in Unpiggable Pipelines

An exploration of tethered technology

Some pipelines cannot be inspected with standard in-line inspection (ILI) solutions and are therefore termed "unpiggable". A combination of various circumstances relating to pipeline design, operating conditions and/or characteristics of the medium can prevent successful data collection through traditional methods. Modification of these pipelines to enable standard in-line inspection procedures may be considered, but this option can be expensive and technically complicated. To confirm the integrity of these lines, a specialized solution is often necessary.

This webinar explores two different in-line inspection case studies, the challenges that arose, the reasoning behind the selected tethered solutions and, ultimately, the quality of the data collected.

Key Learning Objectives

Watch this webinar to:

  • gain an understanding of available ultrasonic high-resolution data collection methods for non-standard in-line inspections. Methods discussed will include wall measurement, crack detection as well as phased array (PA) and time of flight diffraction (TOFD) applications
  • Learn about the application of tethered technology as an option to overcome so-called "unpiggable" pipelines


This webinar is aimed at onshore and offshore oil and gas pipeline operators (upstream, midstream and downstream sectors).

Presented by

Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Schneider, Business Development Manager, ROSEN Group

After earning his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Hannover, Germany, he spent 7 years as a pipeline operator where he had his first experience working with an intelligent pig in 1985. Ulrich has been involved in hundreds of pipeline inspection projects, with various types of tools and technologies, presented many papers at several international pipeline conferences, and has given trainings and seminars around the world. His mission: to find the smartest solution for clients for difficult to inspect pipelines using all technologies.

Stefan Vages, Technical Solution Expert, ROSEN Group

Stefan has been working in the in-line inspection industry for more than 10 years. In this time he has held various positions from data evaluation and field services to project and product management. He has published and presented various technical papers in particular on complex in-line inspection projects.

Bird's eye view of vertical yellow pipelines leading into the rough ocean.

Unpiggable Pipelines

We dedicated an entire diagnostics division to finding ILI solutions to challenging pipelines. With our global presence we provide tailored solutions, backed by our more than 40 years of experience, expertise and comprehensive technology portfolio.
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