Presenter: Ronald Tuls

Protecting the Core: Managing Critical Assets

Handling pipeline system integrity

The combination of increasing safety and environmental concerns shared by the general public and more stringent regulations has led to an intensification of preventive maintenance for piping systems in high-hazard installations such as refineries. A comprehensive asset management plan identifies these threats and aligns appropriate actions to the mitigation of risk arising from pipework failures.

Our piping inspection and integrity service portfolio helps operators of refineries and petrochemical plants maintain the end-to-end integrity of their piping systems, from robust design to end-of-life management. Drawing on an extensive portfolio of innovative technology solutions and dedicated to enabling short reaction times, our expert team focuses on setting up comprehensive inspection programs and failure mitigation actions for the protection of plant equipment.

Risk ranking and prioritization, customized inspection planning and execution, and integrity management plans help ensure pipework integrity and enable the operator to overcome corrosion threats and comply with relevant regulations.

Key Learning Objectives

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Identifying the key threats to pipework integrity
  • Gathering insights into advanced piping inspection technologies
  • Aligning inspection technologies to threats
  • Reviewing the outcome of inspections to inform the asset management plan
  • Building a holistic asset management program for pipework assets


This webinar is aimed at inspection and integrity engineers working in refineries, petrochemical plants and other high-hazard, asset-intensive industries.

Presented by

Ronald Tuls, Business Line Manager Non-Destructive Testing, ROSEN Europe

Ronald specialized in NDT and inspection services for terminals and refineries in the Netherlands and Belgium. He is a Level 3 inspection engineer with more that 20 years of experience in tank and pipe inspections. As an EEMUA 159 certified tank assessor and API 653 certified inspector, his focus is on inspection technologies with a major emphasis on compliance.

Bird's eye view of pipe system with an expert in orange overalls on the right.

Piping Inspection Services

We offer complete diagnostic solutions for piping systems through a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and other advanced non-destructive testing techniques and certified inspectors. We give insight on the integrity of pipes by determining their current conditions as well as during their operational interval.
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