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After cleaning, inspection and repair, tanks are typically taken back into services for many years. That is why being able to trust on a reliable inspection is key. For many years, inspection has been a predominantly manual effort, with a strong impact of the person on the outcome of the result. While inspectors and NDT technicians must be trained and qualified to perform their work to a standard, results are typically highly dependent on the circumstances of the inspection. We offer the great added value of being able to operate your tanks at the optimal inspection interval with reliable state-of-the-art inspection technologies.

Your benefits of our storage tank inspection services

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Highest sensitivity allows for early detection of small features

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Competence and reliability in MFL data analysis from our ILI market leadership position

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Reduction of hours due to automated feature detection and sizing

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Fast inspection turnaround time through on-site reporting

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Exceeding inspection compliance requirements

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Sizing the smallest metal loss defects with our tank bottom inspection service

A major concern for the integrity of a storage tank is the tank bottom. Whereby corrosion is one of the most common threats. Through sensitive detection and diagnoses, our TBIT Ultra Service is capable of accurately sizing the smallest metal loss defects helping to optimize your inspection program.

Advantages of our TBIT Ultra Service:

  • Highest sensitivity
  • Automated defect sizing
  • High coverage inside the critical zone
  • Suitable for use in restricted areas
  • Less blind zones
  • Reduction of hours
  • Fast inspection turnaround time
  • Coating removal is not required

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Additionally, we offer the following tank bottom inspection services:

  • UT phased-array (PA), B-/C-Scan and spot measurement
  • Scanning asset structures by 3D laser
  • Tank bottom corrosion assessment
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Assessing the overall condition of the asset

The integrity of a storage tank also depends on its tank shell, its foundation and roof. Threats can range from isolated corrosion to storm damage. We are able to assess not only the plate thickness, but the entire structure with new technologies such as 3D mapping, shell crawlers and internal drones. This data can be used for overall assessment or to make service changes such as installing a floating roof.

Our services include:

  • UT phased-array (PA), B-/C-Scan and spot measurements
  • Shell Crawlers and Internal Drones
  • 3D Verticality, Ovality, tilting and differential settlement
  • Tank Calibration
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Conducting comprehensive assessments and providing recommendations

Supporting compliance and design services are provided through our global network with the support of our dedicated technical staff. They cover the complete cycle of complex projects with the support of expertise built up over many years. On-site, a support team conducts a comprehensive assessment and describes necessary measures to ensure safe and compliant tank operation well into the future.

Our services include:

  • Tank assessment (API 653/EEMUA 159/STI SP001)
  • Hold point inspection
  • Post repair inspection
  • Historic data collection
  • Tank repair plan
  • Risk-based assessment (API 580,581/EEMUA 159)
  • Fitness-for-Service assessment (API 579)
  • Repair scoping
  • Quality assurance and control (QA/QC)
  • Tank engineering assessment services

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