Storage Tanks 

For many industries, the storage of liquids and gases is a critical part of their business. Due to the potential environmental impact and value of the stored materials, the integrity of the storage facilities is crucial.

We help operators address all types of integrity issues through diagnostic inspections and holistic integrity management programs. Our extensive expertise, state-of-the-art services and software help to minimize the risk and extend the life of storage facilities.

ROSEN expert in orange jumpsuit in a dark tank inspecting the tank bottom with the TBIT Ultra.

Storage tank inspection services

We take a unique approach within the industry on storage tank inspections utilizing technologies developed and proven through our in-line inspection services. This paves the way for the most advanced MFL technology provided in an industry with a significant focus on accuracy, repeatability and automated systems. This advanced approach reduces the human factor and physical strain on the personnel in a hazardous environment. Our global on-site support team also provides a fast and comprehensive integrity and inspection service that reduces the cost of operational downtime. 

ROSEN expert in blue overall in front of a white tank against a blue sky next to a measuring device on a tripod.

Integrity assessment and risk management

We assess tank integrity based on customer-specific requirements and local regulations. An on-site support team performs a comprehensive assessment and describes the actions required to ensure safe and compliant tank operations in the future. This supports the operator by providing him with the required information and data to make best decisions. Our services include API 653/EEMUA 159/STI assessments, tank bottom inspections using our Tank Bottom Inspection Tool (TBIT), compliance verification taking into account all required measurements, API 579 Fitness for Service tank assessment and a detailed repair plan (QA/QC).

ROSEN expert in an orange jumpsuit in a tank without a roof working on a tablet.

Leveraging industry-leading data

With our global presence and decades of experience, we deliver customized assessments that meet the unique needs of the market or region in which our clients operate. By leveraging industry-leading data, we can decide on a course of action in seconds rather than days, ultimately resulting in a shorter turnaround time.

Our service offerings for storage tanks  

We offer a broad range of services and solutions to inspect storage tanks and assess its integrity.

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