The ROSEN Technology & Research Center (RTRC) in Lingen, Germany, is a key element of our worldwide multi-disciplinary R&D network. The RTRC centers are where we anticipate the market's future needs and perform extensive applied research and development in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry and software.

Facts & Figures

The Lingen facility acts as a partner in technology development and manufacturing for 16 global subsidiaries. The RTRC supports the entire Group, developing, building and delivering innovative solutions based on client requests. The RTRC network is the Group’s ‘technological heart’. Its first priority is to service the operating companies and to provide them with the necessary technologies to fulfill the needs of customers.

The RTRC network serves as the ‘technology pool’ for the ROSEN Group. Key functions include research and development, manufacture and maintenance of various inspection tools and other equipment.

The RTRC supports the ROSEN Group by:

  • Developing and manufacturing innovative products and services.
  • Providing these products and services to our operating companies in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
  • Supporting the operating companies in all technical matters.

RTRC Lingen has solid expertise and extensive experience in technology research and development, which it provides to the rest of the ROSEN Group.
Our employees are our most important assets. Their personal commitment and our high quality standards enable us to constantly develop innovative customized technological solutions.

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of our Group’s corporate culture. The RTRC’s main and constant goal is to maximizing technology’s benefit to our customers across a broad range of industries.