ROSEN Europe B.V. Sucursal Colombia activities can be divided into three main divisions: Maintenance, Operations and Data Evaluation.

Maintenance involves preparing and repairing equipment and this division is based in Cota Cundinamarca. 

Operations is responsible for coordinating and executing projects. Each division of ROSEN Europe B.V. Sucursal Colombia works extensively with our operations division.

Data Evaluation covers the assessment of measurements and data retrieved from inspections. This division is based in Cota Cundinamarca.

Facts & Figures

ROSEN Europe B.V. Sucursal Colombia was established in Bogotá City in 2006 and has experienced an impressive growth rate of approximately 18% each year. Its an exclusive provider of Pipeline Inspections for the National Oil & Gas Company of Colombia. ROSEN Europe B.V. Sucursal Colombia has inspected more than 8,000 km of pipeline during the past six years without a single reportable accident or incident. ROSEN Colombia inspects more than 30 tanks per year.

ROSEN Europe B.V. Sucursal Colombia has highly skilled and efficient personnel with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. This enables us to deliver the highest quality of inspection services. Our crew has expertise in many different fields of engineering and this gives them a broad and advantageous perspective when faced with technical challenges.