ROSENARG S.R.L.’s activities can be divided into three main divisions: Maintenance, Operations and Data Evaluation.

  • Maintenance involves preparation and repair of equipment
  • Operations is the division that coordinates and conducts projects.
  • Data evaluation covers assessment of measurements and data retrieved during inspections.

Facts & Figures

ROSENARG S.R.L. started operating in Argentina during 1997. In 2008 the company became an independent legal entity, expanded and moved to a new and larger office. We inspected over 3,500 km of pipeline in one year using a variety of tool types and performed the first EMAT run for an Argentinean client.

ROSENARG S.R.L. personnel are based in Buenos Aires. The company has a permanent crew of five survey engineers for in-line inspection and two employees responsible for maintenance.

In two years ROSEN Argentina doubled its size in terms of personnel and is now based at San Isidro, 30km north of downtown Buenos Aires, in a facility that includes a workshop and a data evaluation department.