ROSEN South America's activities can be divided into three main divisions: Maintenance, Operations and Data Evaluation.

Maintenance involves preparation and repair of equipment. This division has bases in Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Bogotá.

Operations is the division that coordinates and conducts projects. All three ROSEN South America locations have operations staff.

Data evaluation covers assessment of measurements and data retrieved during inspections. This division has bases in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Facts & Figures

ROSENBRA Engenharia Brasil Ltda. has been present in Rio de Janeiro as a legal entity since 2003, 22 years after the founding of ROSEN. It inspects over 22,000km of pipeline each year, as well as over 120 tanks. We currently employ people from 9 nationalities.

Rio de Janeiro is the main location for ROSENBRA Engenharia Brasil Ltda. and provides the base for 67 employees. It is supported by locations in Bogotá, Colombia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ROSENBRA Engenharia Brasil Ltda.'s staff comprises more than 100 highly skilled people. This includes a permanent crew of 30 service personnel for inspection works. These survey engineers have extensive experience of in-line and plant and terminal inspection.