The Challenge

Whether it is a rigid or a flexible pipe, the need for routine inspection and reliable analysis remains the same. Subsea pipelines and risers never stand still. The offshore environment in which a flexible pipe exists – from subsea structures up to and beyond the sea surface – exacerbates the difficulty and cost associated with the repair, refurbishment and replacement of these assets. We address these problems with our expertise and experience in testing and inspecting flexible pipes. Various types of defects in the carcass and pressure amour of the flexible pipeline can have an impact on its integrity, which makes it difficult to assess the exact condition of the asset. With multi-layered products consisting of both metallic materials and polymers threats come from many different directions. In addition, there are no uniform standards for flexible piping, i.e. the pipes are typically manufactured according to individual customer requirements, so that each inspection requires individual solutions.

Layer setup of flexible piping

Layer setup of flexible piping

The Solution

It is recommended to implement an integrity management strategy and program of inspection as early as practicable – and results are recorded at regular intervals throughout an asset’s operational lifecycle. The more data available, the greater the confidence that it can be applied to any assessment of remnant life and integrity status of an asset. ROSEN’s approach applies internationally accepted codes of practice and follows industry regulations and guidelines. It includes:

  • Specialized Finite Element Analysis (FEA),
  • Free volume annulus testing, and,
  • Tailored in-line inspection routines.


Planning. ROSEN’s integrity experts possess decades of experience in managing the integrity status of offshore assets. The inspection and assessment projects that we have performed around the world with various operators give us unique insights into what works and what does not. ROSEN can audit existing systems to identify gaps in order to help define and implement a best practice which enables any operator to achieve effective and sustainable asset management.

Pre-ILI Cleaning

Pre-ILI Cleaning. A clean pipeline inner surface significantly increases first run success and data quality and enables accurate integrity assessments. This reduces operational risk and can result in significant cost savings by avoiding a second run. Taking into account the requirements for careful cleaning of flexible pipelines, the ROSEN Group offers a wide range of pipeline cleaning services. Non-abrasive plastic brushes ensure that the sensitive carcass is not damaged.

Annulus Riser and Flexible Testing

Annulus Riser and Flexible Testing. ROSEN has established the capability of performing different types of annulus testing to meet market needs. These deploy vacuum or positive pressure testing and will always use innovative methods, processes and technologies. Getting reliable, repeatable data from annulus testing is the key to evaluating remaining life, as subtle changes in the annulus will occur over time. ROSEN has developed and laboratory-tested purpose-built equipment to improve the accuracy of annulus and flexibles testing, supported by a robust process. In practice, ROSEN supplies a highly experienced team performing annulus testing anywhere in the world. Technicians will be quickly mobilized to site with compact, state-of-the-art equipment, supported around the clock by principal engineers.


In-Line Inspection. In-line inspections using magnetic, ultrasonic, eddy current and mechanical technologies provide accurate and reliable data on metal loss, cracks, geometric anomalies and leaks in steel pipelines without damaging the inside carcass. The collected data can also be utilized to identify possible anomalies like carcass collapse, excessive bending, endfitting irregularities, loss-of-buoyancy modules, operational configuration and other information that can contribute to an understanding of the condition of the flexible. For the best possible inspection solutions, we take into account the individual characteristics of the flexible pipeline and offer tailored solutions with customized tool specifications. In addition to this, ROSEN has developed a special sensor technology to address the carcass integrity with highresolution eddy current and magnetic sensors.

Specialist Analysis and Verification

Specialist Analysis and Verification. A flexible pipe is subjected to variations in loads, which cause fatigue of the internal armor layers. With aging assets achieving longer and longer useful life, operators are striving to understand fatigue life to more robustly predict safe remaining life. ROSEN has the capability of performing the specialist analysis and verification needed to address these different types of stress and fatigue phenomena and associated failure modes. Our principal deliverable provides an indication of flexible pipe stress and fatigue condition, assesses remaining fatigue life and gives specialist advice for flexible pipe integrity management.

Ageing and Life Extension

Ageing and Life Extension. Life extension assessments are critical to maximizing the operational life of a flexible pipe. Whether initiated early or later in the operational life, the assessment allows for the fullest potential of a pipe to be realized. All types of assets are increasingly being re-evaluated to operate well beyond their original design life. To achieve this, operators may need to go through a procedural restructure if their current arrangements cannot effectively handle the amount of data generated by proper inspection. Following the requirements set out by safety regulators – additional challenges to the operators’ process may occur. ROSEN can support with significant experience in developing a structured process to facilitate life extension for flexibles. We also deliver forward guidance on remedial actions that may be required at the same time, addressing future management challenges.

The Benefit

  • Operational pigging service during normal operation for cost-efficient inspection
  • Tested inspection tools with proven design to avoid damage and wear to the carcass
  • Enhanced integrity information of flexible pipes to support asset lifetime extension
  • Independent verification and consulting services
  • Tailored-made services to customer requirements
  • High reliability and minimized risk based on more than 30 years of experience in offshore ILI projects, including several hundred kilometers of inspected flexible pipes
  • As API 1163 certified supplier, ROSEN offers a highquality service with qualified personnel (ASNT) according to the highest quality and safety assurance with certified equipment (CE, ATEX on request)